The tagline to my blog (Embracing fear and pursuing passions…come take the plunge with me…) was chosen because it serves to remind me of the importance of acknowledging fears and not letting them keep you boxed in where you’re at. In fact, disrupting the status quo or the taken for granted requires a willingness to delve into that which scares you and start the hard work of overcoming those very fears. I think that Pema Chödrön’s , in her book “The Places that Scare You: A Guide to Fearlessness in Difficult Times,”  offers brilliant insights that help us grow, thrive, and nurture.

Additionally, I think it’s important to have passions that are pursued. With busy and complicated lives, this isn’t always easy, hence the gentle reminder that the tag line provides. So, what are my passions? I love to explore and experiment with new pedagogies – in hopes of developing my craft as an educator. Currently, I am intrigued by the possibilities that technology has to offer an educator interested in working with students to see, question, care, and act. Let me be the first to say that every pedagogical risk I take doesn’t always work as well as hoped. So, there is always the need to figure out the points of weakness and rework and retool. Again, notice how important it is to not let fear of making mistakes keep one from doing the same ol’ class after class. On a more personal note, passions that augment those derived from my being a wife, mother, and professor include yoga and painting (with oil paints).


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