How to embed a google doc into your WP site

The advantage of knowing how to embed a google doc into your site is that you can choose to have that embedded doc update, when you update your google doc. This can be a real time saving feature, that will also assure that you have the most recent version of a doc in all places where that doc is shared.

Instruction from WP can be found in this link – link to step by step instructions for embedding docs, spreadsheets, and presentations


The video tutorial below is helpful because he also shows you how to change the size of the viewing space for your doc.


Storify Resources


Storify Guided Tour – A useful quick start guide to get you going.

Getting Started – Short, but provides some useful language to help you to understand the why behind Storify

Overview of Storify from Emory University – Justification for use, as well as ideas for use


Topsy – Allows you to quickly search social media (include Tweets) for useful elements to add to your “Stories”

For google Chrome user – Storify Extension – allows users to bookmark content around the web and store it in a collection within Storify for later use. This tool allows you to painlessly save web-based content for later use in a “Story.”


You can copy and paste the URL of any webpage into Storify to import content.

How to post a Flipgrid to your WP site

1) Open FlipGrid
2) Click on individual FlipGrid video
3) Click on the 1st box under the video that looks like two linked chains (to the left of the </> symbol)
4) Click “Copy to Clipboard”
5) In WordPress, start a new post
6) Either type the display name for the FlipGrid (ex. Danielle’s FlipGrid), highlight it, click the link button in the taskbar, paste the link under URL, and give it a title OR if you entered the post via the Dashboard, you should see an “Add Media” button.  Click Add Media, click Insert From URL, paste the link under URL, give it a title, and click Insert Into Post.
(courtesy of D. Buckner!)

Steps for inviting followers to your WP blog

Inviting your classmates will allow you to follow along with their blog postings in your READER page. For example, as a teacher you may want to invite fellow grade level teachers, parents, or students to follow you.
Steps to invite followers (editors, etc):

1. Go to your DASHBOARD from your WordPress Blog
2. From the DASHBOARD go to USERS (can be found in the left hand column)
3. From USERS click on INVITE NEW. This will open a INVITE NEW USERS TO YOUR BLOG page
4. Paste the emails into the USERNAMES OR EMAIL ADDRESSES box
5. Keep role as FOLLOWER
6. Message is optional
8. PAST INVITATIONS allows you to track who has responded and who has not.

LS380 and Design Thinking

As you know from the course description, part of our time will be spent  working on  a social justice project relevant to a local issue or community. We will be using Design Thinking to accomplish this work. This will be a new approach, but what really appeals to me is the fact that it can be used to solve both large and small problems. That is, it is an approach that will provide you tools for solving problems in your classroom, for your school, and in your community. Also, I like the fact that is grounded in the importance of starting from empathy for those impacted by the problem and is collaborative in nature. For this work, you will need the ver 2 toolkit (Design Thinking for Educators) and workbook. They can be downloaded for free – just click this link.

This link will take you to additional resources in case you are intrigued by the process and/or method.