LS380 and Design Thinking

As you know from the course description, part of our time will be spentĀ  working onĀ  a social justice project relevant to a local issue or community. We will be using Design Thinking to accomplish this work. This will be a new approach, but what really appeals to me is the fact that it can be used to solve both large and small problems. That is, it is an approach that will provide you tools for solving problems in your classroom, for your school, and in your community. Also, I like the fact that is grounded in the importance of starting from empathy for those impacted by the problem and is collaborative in nature. For this work, you will need the ver 2 toolkit (Design Thinking for Educators) and workbook. They can be downloaded for free – just click this link.

This link will take you to additional resources in case you are intrigued by the process and/or method.